Now before you blurt out your answer, please give me the opportunity to state my case for the question which serves as the title of this post.

I have not always made the best choices in my life. In fact, in two months my first book will be released nationally called, “I Am David – A Pastor’s Fall Into Grace”. With those decisions have come severe consequences.

But one of the things I have noticed is how people who once loved you will now avoid you. When you see these Christians in public you get “the look” of rejection followed by the believer’s eye roll before they turn their anointed head to make certain that you notice their rejection of you.

But this also happens in our Southern Gospel industry. You have artists who will get on stage and make the crowd feel like they are the closest thing to Jesus only to get off stage and berate the other artists. Sometimes in person, but more times behind their back.

They will run other artists down in an effort to keep them from elevating. They will highlight their negatives instead of promoting their positives.

Is this because they are so insecure in their own talents or are they just aware of the private life they live off stage and they are afraid of being exposed as a fraud?

So I have described two groups of people so far. Now…. Will hypocrites be in heaven?

Because if they are, will I get the eye roll from other believers as I walk through the gates? Will there be whispers up there like they are down here reminding people of who I USED to be?

Will a certain group of artists stand off to one side and try to keep other artists from joining the Heavenly choir? Will they vote to keep others off the stage of singing a solo for the Savior?

Well if you won’t be doing it up there then why do we think it’s okay to do it down here?

If we are backbiting each other down here… what will change when we get there? If we are constantly putting people down here what makes us think that we will act any better when we get heaven?

Will some clean up their act because they will be in the presence of the Savior? If that’s the case then you just told on yourself by admitting that you are not walking and working in His presence down here.

I know we are not perfect but shouldn’t we be striving to be? I know we are not like we will be when we get to heaven but shouldn’t we be working on being the same person?

Or do we assume that since we created our cliques here that we will also have them in heaven? I love how people will go through life here on earth as though God doesn’t know what you are doing.

And unlike the general public, He is not judging our words and actions but better than that, he is judging the motive of our heart. (Proverbs 16:2)

So if hypocrites are not going to be in heaven, will you be there?