God Remove the Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

For the average southern gospel artist and for the naive fan who just attends the concerts, this message will sound a bit foreign to you.  But the enemy is running rampant in our industry.

There was a time when people were using their strong religious platforms to speak against the sins they knew they would never commit.  So you heard them making jokes and trying to expose artists who were caught in the trespass of their sin or living an alternate lifestyle.  In the efforts of certain individuals to try and be the Holy Spirit for the industry, they have failed to renounce their own sin of pride and manipulation.

You think just because no one seems to know what you are secretly doing that you will get by with it.  Well, God is prophetically showing your actions and they are about to called on the carpet.

While these individuals look and sing the part on stage, behind the scenes in the dark where the enemy likes to work, they are busy working to destroy the ministries that don’t line up with them.  There is one in particular who is responsible for many actions you see taking place in our industry.  It’s this type of behavior that must stop or you will see the plot of the enemy take over and destroy this industry of Southern Gospel music.

In fact, this individual is okay with it falling apart and he has it in his plan to do so after he is dead and gone when he will not be affected by the downfall.  That’s why you don’t see an emphasis put on the younger groups and artists unless you are padding his pocket and working under his control.  In fact, I believe there are some great people who have been bedazzled by his charm that you don’t even realize that you are partnering with the devil.  Good people who are traveling with the wrong person.


I have had my share of artists within my own circle of influence ask the question what could we do to stop him?  The truth is this.. your efforts to stand against him and call him out would result in you being black-balled as an artist in this industry.  Your name would join a list of so many others who were once at the top of their game who have been forced to struggle to make ends meet.

Let me suggest that you do what I have been doing.

Praying for God to remove those individuals who see the need to “play their game” by putting the lives of lost souls and other talented artists at risk.  You see when you are being manipulated by the devil, you don’t care about other people or the well being of anyone.  You simply make decisions that only benefit you.  And this individual has presented himself as someone who needs to be feared when the only on that stands a chance of making your life miserable is the one who is controlling this southern gospel singer.

That is why I have been praying that God would start taking their voices away and start shutting their crooked businesses down so they can no longer dictate who excels and who gets left behind.  It is time for the anointed artists who are rightfully working to see lost souls come to Jesus Christ to rise to the top and be allowed to reach your full potential since you are doing it all for the right reasons.

It’s time that we seek the anointing instead of the applause and the accolades.

Some may ask, “Well why does God continue to use this individual?”  Well, let me ask you why God seen fit to use an “ass” in the bible?  That is how God works.  He even used me to reach a lot of people when I was living in my sin.  But thank God for grace and redemption.  He can take anything that was meant for our bad and turn it around for our good.  Because He is God!  Even though this artist is trying to be the “god” of this industry.

The last being that tried to overpower God was kicked out heaven and forced to a dungeon with those he was able to convince to stand on his side.  I am praying for a Holy Ghost “butt-kicking” where God gives these men an opportunity to REPENT.  But the moment they reject the invitation – they must go in Jesus name.

Prayer Points:

  • For revival to hit every artists in this industry.
  • For repentance to come the house of these individuals who are up to no good.
  • For removal of any individual or artist who is secretly being manipulative and deceitful.