Does God Enjoy Our Harmony?

I was sitting in a church service not too long ago listening to a new group who was giving it all they had. The only problem many would have with their sound is that their “harmony” was only one part. There might have been four people on stage but there was only one part being sung.

It got me to thinking. While we as artists and musicians prefer three and four parts, I was wondering what God thought about it. Because we will work on the parts, the structure and try our best to impress others with our vocal ability in hopes to get praise from our piers and the people.

But I thought we were doing this for God?

So do you think our Heavenly Father loves to hear you sing with all of your control and vocal gymnastics while you are trying to impress or outdo another singer or are you all over the place with your singing in hopes that God likes it?

If we were true to our calling, we would only be concerned about our audience of one. So when this group, who had harmony in their name but not in their singing, did God look down from His throne and say, “Finally, there’s a group who is singing from their heart for me and no one else.”

Now they may never get on the NQC Main stage and they may never be nominated for any awards but they get the ultimate praise from their Master when they impress Him with their singing instead of trying to get a standing ovation from people who did not send their only begotten Son to die for their sins.

“Sing from your heart and not your ego”

So before you crush the dreams of a group that doesn’t sing like you do, be careful. You might just be downing God’s Quartet of the year.

…. coming soon!

Part 2 – Why Do We Work So Hard To Sing In Harmony On Stage But Could Careless About Living In Harmony Off Stage.


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