Friendships Are Killing SG Radio

Are they good songs or just good friends?

Each month that I prepare to report my spin based chart, I am blown away at the calls, emails and text messages that I get pretaining to my report.  First of all, no one really cares for the radio show hosts until they have something they want to report and then all of a sudden we are all great buds.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have many, many friends in this industry.  I talk to a lot of groups every week whether they have a song out or not. But my chart is not a reflection of my friendships. Just because we talk doesn’t mean you get played.  I can give you a list of groups who could verify that statement.

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I constantly work hard each month to make sure that the listeners of the Dixie Gospel Caravan are getting to hear top notch music.  Since my chart is spin based, (which every chart should be) I am very careful in what I play knowing that it has an effect on the industry in general.  I can’t afford to allow my friendships dictate what I play.

So I listen to the song to see if it has the “it” factor.  To be in my Top 20, the song has to  have a biblical message, a great track, great vocals and a great mix.  Many groups are missing the boat when they don’t put 100% in all factors that I just mentioned.

You might have a great song but if your vocals are not Top 20 worthy then your song won’t make it on my chart.  You can have tight harmony but a bad mix could mean the difference from a medium rotation to a high rotation.  We have artists putting $5000 into a project to cut 10 songs.  They hurry to get a project out without putting the work into making your single what it needs to be.  I get asked all the time to listen to songs.  I hear great songs with sub par vocals and a poor mix that prevents me from being able to play the song that is worthy of a Top 20.

I also don’t chart artists based on previous success.  Just because you think you have  “paid your dues” in this industry doesn’t mean you have earned the right to be on the charts.  The chart is based on the words, the message, the arrangement, the performance and the mix of your current song.  If you cut corners on any of it, you are dimishing your chance of having a high charting song.

Stop the gimmicks!  Quit trying to weasle your way into the charts by manipulating the system and “friending” your way to the top.  Just put out great music and let that speak for itself.  The secret to being on radio is building a relationship with the stations.  Not to be charted but to be played.  Once the song is played on the air, the host and the listeners will then decide where it goes from there.

You should never write in a song on your charte just because you like the person or  you feel you owe them something.  Base the decision on the qulity of the song.  Let’s get back to requiring artists to put in the efforts that it takes to be #1.  Not because they work radio, but because they work the song.  They send out a top quality recording of words that change somebody’s life when they hear it.

You don’t have to agree with me. This is just the thought process of a radio show host who allows my spins to dictate my chart and not my friendships.


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