Many times you will come to this blog to hear me rant, complain or just get things off my chest in a way to hopefully improve you as an artist and to elevate the genre of Southern Gospel music.  This post will be just a bit different.


If you don’t know, Eli Fortner of The McKameys will be going in for his 2nd kidney transplant on Wednesday, June 21st. A few weeks back, Eli joined me on my radio show while we were doing our Facebook Live.  During that time, God impressed upon me to have a special prayer for Eli with those online.

eli fornter

You would think a Pastor of a church would have no problem in doing this but when I am in radio mode, I am trying to entertain and be funny and not really focused in on preaching and teaching.


So I followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit and I took the time with Eli online with us to pray.  It wasn’t but just a week or so later that Eli informed us that a perfect match was found for him.  Not that we were shocked that God had answered our prayers but I was ecstatic for Eli and his family.


Now the time has come for Eli to go through the valley to receive the blessing we have been praying for.  So I want to ask you, “Do You Believe In What You Sing”?  Because now is the time for one of our own to recieve ministering from the Southern Gospel music family.   You may not know Eli personally but there is a kindred spirit between you and him in the fact that you belong to the same industry.


Tonight on the Dixie Gospel Caravan, I will be taking time at 7:30pm central to have a special prayer for Eli.  This is rare for me to do on the radio show but I saw the hand of God move when we prayed the last time and I just sense that we need to come together in expectancy for another touch from God.


Would you be so kind as to help us promote this nationwide prayer time?  Just simply letting your fans know about this need and invite them to join us at 7:30pm central time in prayer.  If you would like to be online with us during this prayer time – just go to

This is for you Eli!