The Problem with CD sales

Let me give you something to think about. I have been thinking about the future of Southern Gospel music and how we sell our products.  As you know, I am preparing to train a few artists on how to increase those sales and prepare for the marketing of digital products.

We have to shift our thinking and that starts with what we sell.

Think of it this way.  Southern Gospel artists are driven to sell a CD and to collect that $15.  We have bills to pay, fuel to buy and of course, we have to eat on the way home.  But what can we learn from the major corporations that are making multi-billions of dollars each year?  I think it would be this…

Create a way to be able to sell your customer again and again and again and again and again…

We don’t to do that in our industry.  We simply sell them a CD and maybe say, “God Bless You” and then we are done with them.  But wait a minute, if they bought our music once don’t you think there is a good chance of them buying it again?  But what if we don’t go back to that same location to sell them?  What if we do go back they have something come up and they are unable to attend the concert?

That’s why we have to have something in place to help us retain them as a customer.  That is what I will be helping you do with this training that I will be starting June 1st.  This is a not a training to motivate you to be better, even though that might get thrown in from time to time but this is three months of me taking you by the hand and giving you an online program you will own yourself.

I am selling you an automated system and helping you set it up and explain how it works while you sleep.


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