Every ten or twenty years our industry goes through a transition. One could say this transition has to do with our apparel or the height of our hair.  But the transition I am talking about here has to do with our pocketbook so you might want to listen up.

It was in the 1960’s when groups started moving from the LP33 albums to 8-track tapes.  But that wasn’t the only change coming to our product tables. It wouldn’t be long until we had to carry 8-track tapes and cassette tapes.  And came along the Compact Discs.  Each time in our history of transition, we were able to move our products at our concerts by having something to put into the hands of our “customers” who were buying our music.


But this next transition is a bit different.  We are moving into the world of digital products which means we don’t really have a product medium in which we supply for the purchase that is made.  To understand this dilemma, you must first understand the way in which you are moving products.


I M P U L S E    B U Y!


Every artist at every concert has a product table setup at the main entrance/exit of the venue of your event. It is your goal to have every person walk past you before leaving the venue because you know the moment they walk out the door, the chances of them going online to buy your music is slim to none.  What are the chances of those people coming to another concert so they can purchase your CDs?  How long will you have to wait to have another chance to make that sell by coming back to the area?


It’s called impulse buying. You have moved the fans with your music which hopefully draws them to your product table to purchase what they have just heard. By sending them home with the directions of purchasing your music on iTunes is not the answer and I have data to back it up.  Nor does it make any kind of marketing sense to send them to a location in which you are unable to re-sell that customer since you don’t have any way of knowing how to reach them when you have new products.


So what do we do?


The new automobiles and computers are no longer set up to play Cds.  We are starting the slow transition from compact discs to downloading music I can play on my phone.  I could send them home with a thumb drive but I have just given away my library with no enforcement that would keep them from selling off our music or giving it away to family, friends and the entire church!


There has to be a solution to this problem.
Well, there is and it has been a long, arduous task of creating, from scratch an online platform for Gospel artists that answers many questions with one solution. Not only does this transition of music downloads move us ahead in time but it also opens up an entirely new world of marketing and presentation for Gospel artist.  And only those artists who take the time to learn this new way of thinking will be productive in their product sales.  Which could also mean the difference to staying at home because you can’t travel anymore or see the funds appear in your checking account.


Either way, I have the solution in place and I am ready to share it with you. It will require three months of me taking you by the hand and leading you into the future.  And while that scares you a bit, what if I could show you how you could make $5000 with one email when your next project goes out?  I’m not talking about going and setting up at 15 flea markets and peddling music out of the trunk of your car.  I am really mean you sitting at home on your couch, sending out ONE email and that one email producing you a minimum of $5000. I am going to show you how this can happen for you.  That is if you can follow directions and work it!


If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about… Click Here!

Just remember this, the transition is coming whether you are ready for it or not. I am looking for artists who would like to be on the front end of the move into the future instead of in the back trying to catch up.


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