Since I began this venture of helping Southern Gospel artists, I have been asking a lot of questions but also doing a lot of listening.  And I hate to say it but I have heard more “whining” than ever before.  If you missed my recent Artist Devotion, I poured into individuals about this very thing.

We have artists who will sit at home and whine about the fact they are no further down the road than when they first started.  They complain because they can’t get their music on the radio (even though I’m trying to help you), they complain because they are not getting invited to perform on the big stages (even though I’m trying to help you), they complain because they can’t sell product (even though I’m trying to help you), they complain because other less talented people are seeing far greater success.

We dealt with that on this video here so I won’t repeat myself because the objective of this post is to get the Southern Gospel “babies” to quit crying and get to work.  While you sit back and notice the successes of others have you ever stop to consider the sacrifice and hard work they put into their ministries/careers to get where they are now?

  • Have you ever thought of the sleepless nights they have had trying to make things work?
  • Have you considered the pains they have endured trying to get the perfect personnel, the perfect song, and the perfect business plan?

You are staring too much into the spotlight to realize the work it took for an artist to get where they are.  And why do you think you are so special that you would be allowed to get where they are without having to go through what they went through?  What makes you so privileged to think that you can do in two years what has taken them 15 years to do? Grow up you haven’t been here long enough to deserve anything.

The fact is this… You are NOT as good as them even if you have better harmony and sing better song selections. You are NOT better than them even if you have a nicer bus (don’t’ get me started) or a nicer sound system. You are not better because you are not willing to do what it takes to get to the place where you want to be.  You are sitting back and “crying” over something that you have the control to change.

You complain because you don’t have more than 10 bookings this year but you didn’t give those 10 bookings your best efforts because it’s difficult to perform while your crying and complaining because it doesn’t measure up to your standards.  We have too many groups and soloists walking around in this industry waiting for a hand-out instead of rolling up your sleeves and getting after it. In America today, a section of people refer to this as “white privilege”.

And you know what?

You don’t deserve a #1 song if you have only been traveling for one year. You don’t deserve to be on the National Quartet Convention stage if you only do 10 dates per year.  You don’t deserve to show up at any concert as a new artist and think that you can run the stage.  Pay your dues… Work Hard… and if you don’t know what to do… ASK!  I, for one, am listening and answering.  And for goodness sakes, STOP CRYING over what you are not willing to sacrifice to get.


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