In my dealings with Southern Gospel artists, I see a trend that could be devastating to the growth of your ministry or career.  And it’s simpy in the fact you will not take your time and money to invest in yourself.

I know what your thinking, I put plenty of money into my ministry. I put gas in the bus (that I don’t really need), I pay to have a project done, I make myself available to go anywhere I am called.

But what are you doing to make yourself better?  The items I just mentioned is just a small reaction to what you do.  I am talking about investing into something that makes you proactive in how you make yourself better in all areas of your ministry.

This could mean vocal training to get better, it could mean learning more about social media and marketing.  That’s why I offer the paid training courses that I provide on various subjects of your career.  I put a price on it for two reasons. First, because I want to make it worth the time I take away from my family to invest into the lives of artists that may never otherwise cross my path.  But the other reason you will see a charge on these training sessions is to simply weed out those who are not serious about what they are doing.


It’s amazing how many people will blow up my phone for FREE advice but then ignore training sessions that could help them become better.  Whether it’s the training I offer or the training you can get somewhere else, it’s very, very important that you obtain as much information as your brain can hold.

Let me also ask you this… you are in the business of asking other people to invest into your ministry and/or career.  Whether it be in form of booking you for a concert date, buying your product, buying a ticket to come watch you perform or simply giving an offering that goes so support your ministry.

My question is this… why should other people invest into your ministry when you are not willing to invest in yourself?  It is possible for you to become a better YOU.  And if you have the knowledge to do that on your own, wouldn’t you have already made the proper adjustments?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not all-knowing in the area of Southern Gospel music but I have had great success is asking artists the correct questions that got them on track to see success.

What are you waiting on?  I know, some of you are waiting for that one phone call to come in that will miraculously take you to place where you define success.  It’s not coming!

The “phone call” of opportunity doesn’t come to those who are not ready for it.  The next step of success in any business or ministry comes in learning how to make the call yourself.