Working in a company that owns three radio stations in one location it allows me the opportunity to watch, listen and learn what artists do in other genres of music when it comes to promoting themselves and their music.  I have mentioned this in blogs before but I will say it again.  Southern Gospel music is the EASIEST industry to get your music played on radio.

I know some of you reading this will try to disagree with me but I am telling you the truth.  First of all, our CCM station will not listen to your music unless you are with a major record label.   And when they want to be heard, they are not calling the station but actually setting up a time to visit the stations to get in front of the Program Director who makes the decisions on what is played over the air.

So while many Southern Gospel artists are trying to get their music played on Gospel radio with a very limiting budget and relying on emails, these artists are investing thousands of dollars on radio tours just in the hopes of being added to te playlist.  They are not even going after chart action yet.

For example:
An artist drove down from Nashville to Birmingham to meet with our PD (Program Director).  It was a meeting that was set up by her record company.  In other words, she didn’t just show up!  Once the meeting was confirmed several weeks out, she arrived with her manager and one musician.

Our PD had already listened to the song and liked it well enough to allow her to sing the song LIVE on the air. Just her and a guitar pitching her song to the audience for the very first time.  The host interviewed her during one (5-miniute) segment and let her sing after the break.  So she might have been on the air for 10 minutes total.





Many Southern Gospel artists trying to break into the business would have the following complaints:

  • That is too far to drive just for 10 minutes
  • Who pays our flats to go the station?
  • I can’t sing my song without my tracks (and stack vocals)
  • I don’t have the money to just go skipping across the nation meeting with radio stations

My point is simply made with your complaints.  We have artists in the Southern Gospel music field trying to accomplish big dreams with no investment.  No money investment to put your name and song in front of the radio world.  No hard work being displayed in trying to make something happen.

We have artists who think an email will get the job done.  Others ring my phone off the hook and leave me three messages per day trying to make something happen.  You have just joined my voice mail message bank that is constantly full with 2 messages PER DAY!

Let me ask you this question in closing… why do you expect the local radio station to go through the trouble of listening, loading and playing your music simply based on an email request from you?  What makes you stand out from all the other artists?

We need you to make your minds up to give 100% and stop cheapening the value of our music by thinking you can simply pay a dollar to holler.  Not on my station!