Starving Southern Gospel Artists

It’s fitting on a Monday morning to post this blog concerning the starvation of most Southern Gospel artists.  I will not say ALL simply because some of the people in this industry who understand the need to eat.  Some of you might be laughing a bit because of what you have read so far but there is an epidemic spreading through our industry.  It’s call malnutrition.

It’s almost to the point of me starting a nationwide campaign to help FEED THE ARTISTS!  Produce a :60-second television commercial showing the sad faces of artists who have gone days if not weeks without eating.  Just have the video playing over some very sad music that I borrow from that commercial where they are trying to get sponsors for dogs… do you know the one I’m talking about?

While I joke a bit about this problem – the problem itself is disturbing and sad and it is affecting our industry.  You can look at some of our artists in the industry today and claim they are not doing without eating but I am not talking about their outward appearance but their inward soul.

It’s easy as an artist to sing on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Sleep in when possible on Sunday because you are so tired from driving to your next date.  I get it! While other Christians are in church on Sunday getting a word, you are trying to get a few more hours just so you can make it through one more set and get home to your family.

One week turns into two weeks and then it turns into months since you had God’s word planted inside of you. Going without leads to malnutrition and not only does it hurt you personally but your audience picks up on it as well.  It’s amazing how many artists think they can stand before a crowd and attempt to minister to them spiritually when they have gone without eating spiritually.  What do you plan to share with the crowd if you have not taken anything in yourself?

That leads to “Starving Southern Gospel Artists” which also leads to poor ministering when you stand before a group of people.

So now that we have exposed the problem, what are you going to do about it?  Trust me, I know from my days of traveling that it’s not always possible to sit under great biblical preaching every weekend.  But a hungry person will find a place to stop and eat.

Trust me, I know from my days of traveling that it’s not always possible to sit under great biblical preaching every weekend.  You are running from one date to the next.  You are driving most of the night just trying to get to your next city (thanks Beckie).  But a hungry person will find a place to stop and eat.

Let me encourage you to take the time to stop during the course of your week to find a resource that feeds you spiritually.  With the technology we have in our hands, there is no reason why any of us should do without.  You find time to hit up social media to connect with your fans.  You take the time to check your product sales to see how much your selling.  You find time to do radio interviews to promote your hit single.  Why not make time to eat?

The bible tells us that “from the heart, the mouth speaks”.  How many of you are opening your mouth and saying nothing simply because you have nothing in your heart to share? Don’t be that artist on stage that is trying to give away stale bread because you have nothing fresh to deliver.

Other genres of music might be able to get away with it but we can’t. We are different from other artists in other genres.  We are spreading the Good News of a risen Savior.  But this message has to impact our lives before it can impact the lives of our audience.

There are a few artists that will read this blog post and ignore it simply because they are only in this industry for the entertainment value. Just don’t be surprised when God starts removing your entertainment to make room for artists who have substance behind their music that will impact a lost world.



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