New Training Announcement: How To Get Better Bookings

We are excited to announce a new training program that deals with the area of booking concert dates.  So many artists who have taken our other training programs have been asking me to develop a session that helps them develop more and better concert dates.

If I had the “magic email” or the “magic contact list” that enabled any artists to get more bookings I would be a very rich man right now.  But I do believe I have put together the curriculum that puts artists in the best place to get those concert bookings they desire.  There are just certain things you can do that makes it easier for promoters/pastors to say yes.

In addition to the training on bookings and where to find more contacts, I will also be sharing with artists the tools they need to have in place not only to get the date but to promote the date.  This is one of the most important aspects of the booking.  If you don’t put butts in the seats then you are proving yourself to be of any value to a promoter who is trying to sell tickets.

Other topics we will cover…

  • How To Negotiate The Flat/Offering
  • Your Role After The Contract Is Signed
  • The Most Important Booking To Have On Your Books
  • and more!!

So much more that we have had to break this training up into two sessions.  You will get two nights of training for one price that enables you to take it all in.  By joining us for the LIVE training, you will also be able to ask your questions to get the answers you desire.

2 Sessions for 1 Price

DISCLAIMER: It doesn’t matter what you learn if you are not willing to put the information into action.  But it first starts with learning all you can.  And think of it this way… what you are currently doing is not working.  So what do you have to lose?  You will be amazed at the amount of content you are going to receive during this training.

Are you ready to get more concert dates?

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