Many groups think that if they could just get Beckie Simmons or The Harper Agency to pick them up as an artists then they would be able to quit their jobs and go full-time in the industry of Southern Gospel music.  Think again!

This post is to be used to pop your bubble in the dream world that you are currently living in.  Let me a start off by saying I appreciate and respect the work of a booking agencies we have in our industry.  They have a tough job and the two I mentioned earlier have done so much for this industry.

But I feel strongly they would agree with this post… and if they don’t then they have every right to be wrong.

A booking agent can only book groups who are in demand.  I don’t care how proficient and hard working an agent might be, they will not be able to get you booked if no one knows who you are.  That comes with working radio and promoting yourself to extend your territory.

MYTH: A group who only sings in a one hour radius of their hometown think they are ready to buy a bus and hit the road full-time. And they believe if they can just get a booking agent then their calendar will become full.

What makes you think a booking agent can sell you when you can’t even sell yourself? They are not magicians who can cast a spell on church pastors and concert promoters.  If you can’t get dates on your books then you might need to consider whether or not God wants you in this ministry.  Because where He calls you – He sends you!


This is going to sound backwards to what you have always thought but here it goes. A booking agent comes into play when you are so busy that you can’t handle the task of booking yourself.  While you thought the booking agent was in place to get your there… it is actually their responsibility to keep you there.

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I know some of you will be tempted to send me an email to correct me because you have had a booking agent get you a total of 10 dates over the course of the year.  If that was my booking agent, I would fire them.  10 dates per year? If you are going to give them a cut of your earnings then they better be producing more than that.

Don’t fire them because they haven’t been able to book you.  Fire them because you are not ready to be booked.

Many of you are not being booked simply because you are not putting in the hard work it takes.

What? You thought all you had to do was announce that you were singing and people would stand in line to book you?  You thought that all you had to do was get a website, a Facebook page and suddenly your date book would fill up?

Others of you are trying to get bookings in places while singing the songs of everyone else.  Why should you be booked on a date when you all you sing are Karen Peck songs?  If I want Karen Peck songs then I am going to book Karen Peck.  In other genres of music, many of our Southern Gospel artists are nothing but cover bands.  You simply show up, set up and sing what’s popular… by other artists.

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So many of our regional groups who are trying to grow to the next level are nothing more then groups who get on stage and host a Southern Gospel karaoke show.  Come on!  If you really want to make a place in this industry for yourself then you have to find out what place you have here.  Then do everything within your power to prepare yourself to get there.  But quit trying to be like everyone else.  We already have them and trust me when I say, we don’t need another version…. we just need you!  Okay that will be a blog post later for sure.


Here’s what we need you to do:
We need you get off your butt and start  promoting your own music and create such a demand for yourself that you have to have help in keeping up with the demand.  Then you will need a booking agent.



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One thought on “I Need A Booking Agent

  1. I did exactly what you said when I was 20 with my family group. I’m sure I was laughed at in the background and when we got off the phone. I called Harper and Associates and just ask “Are Yall looking for any new groups to promote” I think the phone was dropped and I’m pretty sure I heard laughing . I know there are pros and cons with getting outside help for your group . I think what you said makes a lot of sense, If its not paying for itself or making sense , stop it. Unless you have a money tree in your back yard and if that’s the case I need some of the seeds .


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