Please let me get this post out before someone makes a huge mistake in their ministry and does something they will regret later. It seems to be one of the goals of every Southern Gospel artists and that is to:

(1) Have a charted song

(2) Get a booking agent

(3) Buy a bus.

Over the next few days I would like to cover these topics with the goal in mind to help guide you in making sure you do things for the right reasons.  If you don’t, it could lead to foreclosure, repossession or it could flat out shut you down.  I know this because it has happened to so many other groups that are no longer on the road.

So let's start with #3 - Buy a Bus!

Here are three encouraging words that I have for you… DON’T   DO   IT!

Stop using the bus to be your token that shows everyone else that you are bigger than you really are.  The bus was never meant to represent anything else but convenience and comfort for the artists who spend more time on the road than in their own living room.

  • If you are going out to a singing on Friday and it takes you less than 3 hours to get there then you don’t need a bus.
  • If you are only doing one or two singings per weekend.. you don’t need a bus.
  • If you are not pulling in more than $1500 per week in offerings, flats and sales… say it with me… YOU DON’T NEED A BUS!

You have in your mind that having a nice Provost is what sells you as a group and it’s not.  You can have the newest, most impressive bus out there but if you are only doing four dates per month you are going backwards instead of forwards.  [Spiritual moment: … and that is not a good steward of the money God has blessed you with]

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Stop trying to make yourself look bigger and come down to reality and be who God has called you to be.  It’s not how you get there that makes the difference in the lives of those at your concert.  It’s the presentation of the message.

Now…  if I were on my soap box this is where I would say take your money that you are going to spend on a bus and put it into vocal training.  I’m not saying you can’t sing but what I am saying is that you have not arrived so there is never a time for you to quit perfecting your craft.  It’s sad that you want to dump $50,000 into a bus that you will hardly be on because you have no bookings and yet you won’t spend the money to improve the reason in why  you don’t have bookings in the first place.

The bus purchase should be only for those groups that are doing dates that have them driving a minimum of 3-hours in between dates. It is customized for convenience of rest and sleep while you are having to travel overnight.

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Many of you reading this don’t need a bus.. you just need  hotel room to get the rest you need.  Your schedule and the demands of your ministry should dictate if/when you jump into the world of being a bus owner.

Tell me what makes sense in having a bus payment, insurance, fuel and maintenance  and you have two dates this weekend and both for a love offering.   SMH!!!

If you are a new artist or still not reach the level of success you want to reach, you should be spending your bus enterprise money on other, more important things.

Quit trying to impress the people with your bling when you need to improve on how you sing!

So to wrap up this post… DON’T BUY A BUS!

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