This industry is in great need of talented musicians and vocalists who can knock it out of the park.  For too long we have been summarized as the “country hicks” who are just putting out anything with the name of Jesus in it and call it Southern Gospel music.  And while doing this we have put out some very bad music.  Did I say bad?  I meant TERRIBLE music!

And you think since you are putting out the Gospel Message in the form of a song that we all should just accept your efforts and play your music anyway. It’s time we start raising the bar in what we expect from our Southern Gospel artists.  There should never be a song released to radio that sounds like you ran over it one time before recording.  If you were able to get your cousin to play on your CD without having to pay him then there is a good chance you don’t deserve to be on radio.

It seems this industry is that easiest out of all the other genres to get played on radio and to get booked for concerts.  Why is this? Because our standards have been lowered to accept everyone who thinks they deserve to be on stage.  Listen to me closely and don’t get mad… well I don’t care if you get mad or not..  But not everyone who is sending music to radio needs to even be singing in their home church.  The harmony is so far from being correct and the music sounds like you recorded all of that tracks at the same time BY YOURSELF.


Come one guys!  Just because you sung the song at your momma’s funeral doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to hear it.  When you turn on the radio or go to a Southern Gospel concert it should be representative of our very best.  Now with that said that’s why we need you to improve because we need more artists who know what they are doing.  We need better singers!  We need better musicians!

We don’t need more investors who just want to buy their way to the top.  We need actual God called ministers who know they have a talent that was given to them by God Himself.  Please commit to me and the rest of our industry that you will do everything within your power to improve.  Promise us that you will not waste anymore of our time in having to deal with bad music and bad stage performance.

OMG!  I haven’t even got to the stage performance yet…ugh!!!  Oh well… that’s another blog item for another day.  You can sign up and get the training we offer on this platform and apply everything we suggest to you.  BUT – if you can’t pull it off on stage with a great performance or you can’t produce a great radio song then you have other issues you need to deal with.

Never get complacent in your abilities to sing and play instruments.  The moment you get hired to be with a full-time group is not the time to think you have made it.  Some where across this great nation there is a young kid who is sitting in his bedroom begging God that he gets the opportunity to be where you are.  He is doing everything he can to become the best he can be.  And if you are not careful – he may be the one the replaces you because he took the time to constantly work on his craft.

Get to work – and don’t stop working!  This industry needs you to improve.