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The objective of telling social media to promote your music is to get as many people following your fan pages as possible.  Each number represents a FAN of your music or a FOLLOWER of your work.  You should be taking advantage of several online programs that assist you in building up your numbers.  The more people you have in front of you the better you can do at promoting your concerts, products and overall ministry.


There has to be someone who tells you what NOT to do in your quest to reach as many people possible.  I started this online platform in an effort to help you not only grow but to also do everything with excellence.

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Let’s talk about TAGGING.  While I applaud your efforts in being creative and energetic I have to stop you before you become over zealous.  And that is simply this… STOP TAGGING PERSONAL PAGES!  You want to show others in this industry that you are professional and not someone trying to ride their coat tails to more publicty.  There simply needs to be social media ettitique.

This is a very rude practice to get into and it will turn people off to your music and choose to unfollow you or undo their LIKE feature of your page.  Tagging a fan page or a public entity is perfectly okay but tagging the personal pages of artists, radio hosts and other individuals is disrespectful.

For example:
If you have a concert coming up with another artist, you should be tagging the fan page of that artist and not the individual pages of those who are connected with the group.  That is invading personal space and it is not the proper ettitique of promoting on the social media platform.  I understand your desire to get your videos, music and concert announcements in front of people but do it with class and respect. Click Here to get this Book!

Again… tag the fan pages, the church pages and the radio station pages but NOT the personal pages.  I have made it a personal choice to start removing people from my personal page who disrespect the platform that has been setup for my personal life and family.   Don’t be the next one to get removed from my page or the page of anyone else who up until this point has not had the guts to tell you to STOP!

I have included several links on this blog post that will help you do what you need to do in creating more FANS for your social media accounts.   Also check out this podcast were we talk with Christina Nicholson who is PR guru.  She will help you understand the importance of selling yourself.

Facebook Tip: You must continue to engage with your audience with fresh content.
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