Go Big or Go Home… literally!

If you have read any of my other blog posts then you know I have no filter and I do not care to speak my mind when it comes to quality in this industry.  So with that said, let me pick up where I left off last time.  In this industry, I need you to take this simple phrase and let it dictate your approach with everything you do from this moment forward.


Here’s what I mean… quit trying to skimp out on saving money while trying to make an impact in this industry.  If you want to send music to radio then you need to be making the proper investment to… (say it with me) GO BIG OR GO HOME!  As a radio show host myself I am sick and tired of having to listen through comp disc that have no business being put in the mail in the first place.  I also believe there will be some Comp Disc suppliers that will have to answer to God on why they took people’s money.  When after listening to the song they were sent… they knew good and well that radio should not be playing it.  But that is between you and God… good luck!

We have artists trying to make a splash in this industry by getting #1 songs and trying to headline the biggest concert dates that we have in our industry.  But they try to do this by recording with Daywind soundtracks and expect us to accept that quality along the same lines as those who are investing $10k plus on their recordings.

And if you can’t tell a difference between the two recordings then you don’t need to be singing in the first place.  Because there is a difference!

So before you take another step in this industry you need to first decide how bad you want to do what you want to do.  Secondly, you need to find a way to invest in making sure that you put out the very best.  Don’t try to cut corners when it comes to putting out your music.  If you can’t afford it then wait until you can.  This seems to be the ONLY genre of music that allows artists to get away with half produced projects with a poor quality level.  And the only ones we have to blame is ourselves.

So you can either be a part of the answer or continue to be a part of the problem. But for the sake of everything that is good… make up your mind to GO BIG OR GO HOME!  Give it everything you have.  Don’t stop until you make it to the top!  Put all of your energy into making things happen.




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