I have been a part of this industry for over 30 years allowing me the opportunity to see a lot of groups come and go.  Some lasted longer that I thought they would and probably should have while others disappeared about as quickly as they came on the scene.   Either way it seems every artist that makes the decision to enter into this genre of music has the same goal in mind.

Just talk with a beginning artists or one that is start to make waves in the industry and you will hear the comment that they are just wanting to “make it”.  So let me ask this question… what is MAKING IT?

Before I dive into this relative term that is different for every artist it is imperative for you to define this at the beginning of your ministry.  You must decide what your destination of success really is or you will never know when you arrive.   (oh that’s good right there)

But let’s look at this term “MAKING IT” and how it applies to you at the time you are reading this blog post.  I bring it up only to say this… I don’t think what you are going after actually exist.  Or to put it another way, I don’t think you are going to be as happy as you think you are when you get to where you think you want to be.  That’s because your destination of success is really a dream that doesn’t also match up to your excitement when you that dream becomes a reality.



I can remember sitting in my bedroom as a 10-year old boy dreaming of one day traveling and playing Southern Gospel music.  This was all I ever wanted to do and you could ask anyone in my class at school and they would tell you my dreams as well.  I use to sit in class and practice signing my name as though I was giving autographs.  Don’t laugh at me, you either did the same thing or your mad because you didn’t think of it yourself.

Anyway, this was a huge dream!  I would sit on my front porch and just pray to God that a group would drive their bus down our small country road and ask me to join them.  After attending Southern Gospel concerts I would come home and literally cry myself to sleep wishing I could go.

Then the time came when the offers started coming in.  I was getting excited to entertain the idea that my dreams were actually about to come true.  That is until I got on a bus and went on my first 15-day trip.  Don’t get me wrong, I was so excited to be on the bus. I was so elated to be on stage performing. I was moved by the first person who came up to me and wanted my autograph.  OMG!!! I was in heaven! That is until I started learning the inside information of the industry.  I started noticing that not everyone who calls themselves a Southern Gospel artist is really in it for the right reasons.

The industry side of this business started scaring me to see how “cut throat” other artists could be and how mean they could be to you on and off the stage.  (Boy do I have stories).  That’s another blog for another time… maybe!

So what do you define as MAKING IT?

Getting a #1 song?

Traveling on a bus?

Getting a recording contract?

Signing on with a booking agency?

While all of this sounds exciting and are admiral goals for your ministry/career… is it a sign that the following happens with each one of those goals?

Getting a #1 song?
To only find out that the money you spent to get your song 1 you will never see again? And to find out that while it meant some airplay, your dates are no more full then when you first released the song?

Traveling on a bus?
To only find groups trying to downsize and constantly stressing over new transmissions and doing the same dates for the same love offerings to only be throwing it all into your new ride?

Getting a recording contract?
To only find out that while they are giving you everything they promised, you are making less on your product sales then when you fronted your own project.

Signing on with a booking agency?
To find other top name groups having to call, scramble and call in favors to pick up dates and fill in holes in their schedule

This is not to discourage you from dreaming.  I shared earlier about my dreams of being in this industry as well.  I just don’t want to see you lose your house to foreclosure running after an idea that doesn’t really exist.  Just make sure that at the end of the day you are running after a goal that once you reach it – it measures the same excitement of the dream.

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