What has happened to our charting system? For some reason the Southern Gospel music has become more of a “favor” to buddies versus an accurate picture of impact this music is making on gospel music radio.  While some Program Directors are being fair and honest about their reporting, others are falling victim into trying to build their own careers while using their charting privileges to gain national exposure.

It seems some are building their charts based on what those in the industry want and desire from them instead of what it was intended to be.  Why do you think artists ask their fans to “call your local radio station” and request our latest song?  It’s because the stations are supposed to be playing the requests of the listeners not the request of the radio promoters.  The trend in which we are tracking we should forget the listeners and just ask the radio promoters what they want to hear.

THANK GOD I am a Tier 1 station that is spin based and not “favor” based.  What that means is simply that my charts are generated based on what I play not based on the fact that I can swap my chart positions to help you while you in turn help me out.  THIS IS WRONG!  Stop using the Southern Gospel Music charts as a way to get your back scratched while you scratch the back of others.  It may be helping your individual career for the moment, but it is also destroying the industry by being another element of ratings that are disguising the truth of our music.




Out of all the genres of music, the Southern Gospel Music industry is supposed to be Christian based.  How sad that we are manipulating the various entities of our industry for the only reason but to promote ourselves.  Why can’t you just allow your song to stand on its own merit.  If it’s not good enough to be in the charts then quit conniving and cheating the system by calling in favors and offering kickbacks just to see your song “make it” (whatever that means).  With kickbacks I mean giving up a spot on your chart to another artist who has access to place your song on their chart.  Yeah…it’s happening.

I hope artists will pay attention to this post and my efforts to help you stop looking desperate.  You are not a dog so quit begging for chart positions.  You should want your song at the top of the charts because the people love your music and not because you were able to beg or pay your way to the top.  Let’s face it!  The charts are nothing more than to stroke the egos of our industry.  I mean what do you get out of having a #1 song beside being able to announce it at your concerts and seeing your name at the top of a page that is outdated in 30 days?

But don’t get me wrong, I get it. It’s a game and it’s fun. It’s a way for us to measure and gauge the success of our music.  That is if we are promoting our music properly with integrity and our stations are charting truthfully.  Stop calling our stations and begging for chart positions when you never call our stations to thank us for playing your music.  It’s sad when the only time we get interviews from artists are in those moments when they have a chance of having a Top 10 song.  Why don’t we hear from you all the other times?

I will stop my venting right here but let me end this by encouraging the artists and radio stations of this industry to get back to operating under the terms of honesty and integrity so we can stop being the laughing stock of all the other genres.

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