I am sure you are visiting this site and asking this question.  So I thought I would just go ahead and put it out there before you all start sending me private messages on Facebook or loading up my email inbox with the same question.

So here it goes…

Over 35 years I have studied and watch this industry called Southern Gospel Music.  As a young boy living in Section Alabama, while other kids were memorizing baseball card stats and learning footballplays, I was memorizing the Singing News magazine.  It was nothing for me to know the complete Top 40, the hometown of every artists on the chart and the make/color of the bus they were on.  Mainly because I would dream it was coming down the road to pick me up.  I would even have my parents turn around on the highway if I saw a bus that I recognized.  You can call me crazy OR you can finally say you know what is wrong with me today.

Either way, I have watched the “ins” and “outs” of this industryDoes this make me an expert?  Oh no!  But it does give me a history to pull from that I think will help many artists.  In addition to my love for this industry, I am willing to do something for artists that not many others are willing to do unless you pay them and that is HELP YOU understand what you are getting yourself into.  Many will allow you to hire them and their services whether they can help you are not.

It’s great to have a dream but it’s sad to reach what you think was a dream and figure out quickly that the reality doesn’t measure up to the dream.  There are many singers out there right now shouting AMEN!!!


This online platform is geared to provide you with ongoing information that will help you understand this industry and how you can get the most out of it.  I believe the more information you have, the better chance you have of making your dreams come true.  I just don’t want you to lose your house in the process.

You are already reading this blog post so that means you are familiar with the content in which you can get from here.  This area will allow me the opportunity to quickly post anything I think will help grow you as an artist.

This feature will give you free audio content that will include interviews and training sessions.  Many of the guest you will hear will NOT be in the Southern Gospel music industry.  With this industry being such a small pond in comparison to the other genres of music, we need to be extending our reach and learning when it comes to promoting ministries.

The training section allows you to get in depth training when it comes to certain topics of your ministry/career.  You will see ON DEMAND training that you can take anytime your schedule allows but you will also see the LIVE ONLINE training that will have you sitting in a LIVE video session with me.  This gives me the opportunity to pour into your head the knowledge and motivation you need to keep growing.

This area of the website will list any resource I feel will help you in your ministry/career growth.  LET ME BE UP FRONT AND HONEST… many of these links will be affiliate promoted which means I will make a little $$$ if you choose to purchase their services.  This is how we are able to give you all the FREE content that you find on AskMickeyBell.com